Working with Joe was a life-changing experience for me.

– Sean Richards

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About Joe

Master Coach Joe White’s real-life story of transformation and growth has fueled his 22-year journey with Get Life Coaching.

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NLP: Level One Certification

A life-changing toolset that is a necessity for any coach.

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Design Your Life

There is power in alignment and in knowing what your purpose is in life.

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Coaching with Joe brought to the masses.

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Why Do the Results from Coaching with Joe Exceed Other Coaches and Therapy?

Joe is the father of the Mechanical Based Coaching. A breakthrough way to eliminate old and outdated patterns, restore your passion and authenticity, create a clear vision and action plan to achieve that vision. Joe discovers the core limiting patterns and helps to destroy them as he teaches you skills to become a better coach in your life. This is why many top therapists, counselors, and coaches refer their clients to him when they need to achieve success.

It is time to break free from feeling dependent, weak, unfilled and shift into the independent, powerful and fulfilled being you’re meant to be.

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Who Is Coaching For?

Anyone who recognizes that settling is not for them. Joe has worked with individuals who have been stuck in depression, addicted to drugs, struggling moms, big vision entrepreneurs, top local CEO’s, global business leaders, and more. They all trust Joe when growth is a must.

All you need is the desire to grow. Too many times, you have tried in the past to grow and failed. It is not your fault. Traditional methods either take too long or simply are not enough to create breakthrough.

Master Coach Joe will guide you through his step-by-step process that has worked for over 100,000 people around the world for over 22 years.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I expect from a complimentary session with Joe?

Get ready for a breakthrough. No 20 minute “Discover Session” that barely scratches the surface. You will receive a full coaching session so that you can experience first hand the results you will achieve when working with Joe.

2. Does Joe coach couples?

Yes! Unlike therapy that focuses on what is not working, Joe digs into the mechanics of what is preventing love, trust, and intimacy so that the relationship can heal and begin to grow again.

3. Does Joe work with teenagers and young adults?

Yes! Joe’s real life experiences give him the unique ability to build rapport that is essential for helping them work though challenges. He gives them tools to more effectively coach themselves. 

4. Does Joe work with addicts and individuals in recovery?

Yes! Joe’s own story of overcoming a near death addiction gives him inside knowledge and skills to help individuals break-free from the grips of addiction and live a life of recovery.

5. How is working with Joe different than therapy and other life coaches?

Therapists tend to focus on the past and many life coaches focus only on goals and actions. Joe’s success is based upon helping clients break free from the one or two dominate core limiting patterns that impact most emotion and behavior. This allows you to live a more authentic life. Joe also focuses on training you to be an even better coach in your own life. Breaking free from being dependent so you can live more independent and free.