Give and Get

2019 is our 20th year of transforming lives across the globe! We are so excited to continue this mission that we are offering some special opportunities right from the start of the New Year. 

So ask yourself, who is the person you want to be, 
the one you know deep down that you really are? 

What if you had the skills you needed to become that amazing person, 
right now?

Life would change forever!! 
More happiness. More success. More fulfillment. 

Look it's easy to get caught up in life. Last year's goals turn into this year's goals. But, what if this year you were determined to change that? To commit to making 2019 the springboard for every year after that. What if there was an unbelievable offer that made it so easy for you that you could even include a friend or family member at no additional cost? Would you say yes? Would you recognize that your time is now and enroll in the success you deserve in your life? It is your time. 

Well Here Is Your Unbelievable Offer. There are ONLY 10 Packages Available and we seriously doubt we will even get to the 15th of January before we sell out.

We're calling this 
Give and Get For The New Year

1) We have brought our most popular and powerful programs together to give you a full year of focus, training, and coaching all with 12 easy installments. 

2) Choose Your Coach. We separate both packages into two categories. One is with Joe as your coach, the other is with your choice of Tammy, Shelly, or Ryan

3) Only 10 Give and Get Packages Are Available 

4) Act Before January 15th, and receive a GIVE PASS for a family member or close friend at no additional cost



What is In The Give and Get For The New Year?

Private Coaching Sessions: To help with your transformation, keep you accountable and on the path, we include 8 sessions with the Coach of your Choice. At Get Life Coaching our focus has always been on getting you aligned with your core. When you change the core patterns that are not serving you, it changes everything else. Changing those limiting core patterns and creating new and empowering patterns is called alignment. Where we differ from others is that we teach you how to be a coach in your own life, so when life sends you problems, you have strategies to deal with them. 

This man Joe White has told me things I have needed and wanted to hear my entire life! I have searched high and low for answers, for solutions, for that one thing that would click…. and stick. Something has stuck. Something is different. With absolute certainty, I know something in my mind, body, and soul has shifted." – Jaclyn Roesing

"Hey Tammy, You are an awesome coach for me!!! I keep telling other people so I thought I should tell you too!!" - Mary Chandler


Ultimate Breaking Through the Barrier: Take back control of your life by changing your limiting beliefs, thoughts, and actions. You and a friend can break through what is keeping you back from achieving the goals that you want and deserve by attending our cornerstone program.

"What an amazing experience. I could never imagine the feeling of empowerment. GLC is for real. I believe in me because I believe in them. Truly an incredible experience." – Scott Stewart


Design Your Life: There is power in alignment and in knowing what your purpose is in life. By attending this amazing 4-day program, you'll discover and build your standards, values, rules, and code of conduct. At the conclusion of this program, you will have created the vision, alignment, and plan for the life you really want, in other words, design your life.

"This seminar was an excellent way to facilitate Growth and Introspection. As I am at a transitionary point in my life, DYL has helped me to see the roadmap for my path ahead. I had a breakthrough in how I handle relationships, how I manage my time and my health, and the importance of my passions." - David Simpson

iBreakthrough Success Coaching: At Get Life Coaching we believe that the quickest and most lasting change comes through immersion and having a tribe of like-minded people to support you, so for 12 months you'll be enrolled in a weekly 30 minute interactive group coaching call which teaches you the skills to help coach yourself through the inevitable rough patches in life.



Enroll Before January 15th and Receive...


Choice of Coach: 
4 Months of Coaching (45-minute sessions) with Joe -  $1,916


4 Months of Coaching (60-minute sessions) with Your Choice of Coach Tammy, Ryan or Shelly - $1,198

AND Receive:

2 Tickets To Ultimate Breaking Through the Barrier - $398

2 Tickets To Design Your Life - $5,998

12 Months of iBreakthrough Success Coaching (for 2 people) - $480


Act Now. Only 10 Passes!!

Option #1
Only 12 Monthly Installments of $309
Give & Get New Year Package With Joe As Your Coach 

The total value of package $8,792!

Option #2 
Only 12 Monthly Installments of $249
Give & Get New Year Package With 
Tammy, Ryan or Shelly As Your Coach

The total value of package $8,074

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