Freedom Day? Not fighting for below-cost TVs at the crack of dawn, long lines,  or hours on Amazon?


Black Friday to Cyber Monday gives consumers the most fantastic deals for holiday gifts for loved ones.

Black Friday also gives you a rare and unique opportunity. To empower the life of a loved one AND  YOURS.

We are dedicated here at Get Life Coaching to transforming lives. We are not just helping people to “feel better” BUT to TRANSFORM ALL ASPECTS OF THEIR LIVES.

Everyone has the capability to achieve the success, love, happiness, and joy they desire, BUT most do not.

The challenge is that most people never commit enough to the process and give up and settle, but that can change; it does change, and it has changed for hundreds of thousands of others since 1999.

So let this Black Friday before your FREEDOM DAY too.

Freedom from your past,

  • doubts
  • uncertainties
  • barriers
  • and whatever is holding you back.

For the first time ever, we included a Black Friday Special that includes Coaching With Joe. A rare opportunity to save big and work with Joe.

All Black Friday Specials are available until the end of Cyber Monday, November 28, 2022.

These will be the best opportunities we offer so some quantities are limited; once those limits are hit, the offer will be closed.

As long as the links are active and the offer is listed, you are in luck!

On behalf of Joe, Bee, Melissa, Dan, and the entire Team GLC, we wish you and yours a very Happy and Joyful Thanksgiving.

Black Friday To Cyber Monday Freedom Opportunities

One Year Coaching With Joe

This is not a typo!! 

For the first time ever, we have added Coaching With Joe as part of our Black Friday Offerings. And we are super excited because you SAVE $1,188 on one year of Coaching With Joe. Double down on your success. If you are really ready to level up, 

Only $6,000

Ultimate Breaking Through The Barrier

Our cornerstone transformational event that even includes firewalking.

Save 50% off all tickets.

This makes an awesome gift, great to bring your spouse or partner or your team. Good for any Ultimate Breaking Through The Barrier.

Design Your Life

If you have already attended Ultimate Breaking Through The Barrier, then this is the next step in your journey.

And with the huge savings, it becomes a no-brainer. Design Your Life is the perfect program for anyone who is looking for vision, clarity, structure, and the ability to execute in their lives and on their goals.

Seriously, 2023 best freaking year ever.

ALL IN – Buy One Get One 

We all want to grow; the question is how fast?

For those who are more impatient  or just do not want to waste any more time, we present you ALL IN, Access to all of our Get Life Coaching LIVE and VIRTUAL EVENTS. If you are looking to raise the bar and stack results in 2023, ALL IN is your ticket. 

We wanted to make this even more special this year, so we are giving you an ADDITIONAL ALL IN Package for you to give to that special person. Save $3588. 

Leader Within 2.0 2023 

What is personal leadership? To rise, follow through, push beyond, and achieve your dreams.

Leader Within has been one of our most popular events, with its experiential components that connect you to that part of you we call…Your Leader Within.

In 2023 we have added even more components to create an even deeper and transformative experience. 

Save $1700 and Unleash Your Leader Within For Only $295

LVL UP Club – Buy One Get One 

Coaching, Tribe, Accountability – that is what we need and LVL UP Club delivers this in a weekly group dynamic. 

LVL UP Club will be the best $19.99 you ever spend on yourself… and on someone else because you will receive TWO SUBSCRIPTIONS. One for you to keep and one for you to give away.

If you have questions, email us at or call 302-832-3424.