If you ever found yourself losing a deal due to difficult negotiations or people, we’re here to help. Negotiating deals is not easy because we all know time is money. However, there are helpful business tools you can start utilizing today to get a better handle on any difficult business situation moving forward.

The only thing in business that is constant is that it is always evolving and changing. If you want to learn business coaching tips that will change the way you run your business and handle negotiations, keep reading! 

Business Coaching Tips on Difficult Negotiations, Sales, and People

  1. Be clear on your options and try to predict what the other side might say – When facing negotiations, you not only have to know what you’re bringing to the table, but you also need to think of what options might be on the other side. That way, you’re prepared for the counter response. The goal is to not be caught off guard during any part of negotiations or situations while dealing with difficult sales or people.  
  1. Know your walk away point – We tend to get emotionally attached to the outcome. You have to be aware of that because when you want a particular deal too badly, you might say, do or promise something that you don’t really want. The goal is to create win-win situations, not get stuck in a deal you don’t really want.
  1. Don’t take it personally – No matter how much you love the business you created; you shouldn’t take it personally when someone rejects your ideas. It’s business. The life changing book by Don Miguel Ruiz “The Four Agreements” explains in detail on how to never go into negotiations out of the place of scarcity. We couldn’t recommend it highly enough!
  1. You need to be flexible in your approach – Let’s be real, you won’t always get to walk away 100% happy. You need to remember that there are multiple ways to get from point A to B. Don’t be so hard on yourself if the outcome is not exactly how you expected it to be. The truth is, the most flexible people have the most control in negotiations. 

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