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Business Turnaround, Team Building, and Success

Profit Improvement and Sales Coaching

From one-on-one, sales teams, and leadership groups, we customize your training to specialize in increasing revenue.

Executive Coaching

With 21 years of experience of helping C-Level, executives, and rising stars, Joe can help those who matter the most perform at a consistent peak performance. 

Extreme Team Building

Tired of boring team building events that don’t last? Joe has worked with teams from top companies like Google to local iconic businesses. 


Profit Improvement and Sales Coaching

Our most intimate program when results need to happen now. All businesses experience a time when a department or organization gets off track. Time is money. Getting back on track quickly with systems to support the changes is of the upmost importance. Joe brings over 18 years of experience of turning around businesses, cultures, sales teams, leadership groups, owner conflicts, and key employees. 

The process to begin is simple. Just complete the form or call 302-832-3424 for a complimentary onsite consultation with Joe. Afterward, Joe will present options and solutions to overcome the challenges discussed.

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Executive Coaching

Launching, growing, and exploding your business is not easy. The only thing in business that is constant is that it is always evolving and changing. Business owners and leaders often wear many hats and spend too much time working In their business and not enough time ON their business. Joe brings his expertise to help you achieve your top goals and solve your biggest problems.

Joe White has successfully worked with everyone from the startups, soloprenurs, entrepreneurs, small-business owners, iconic local businesses, and global giants. With Joe’s straight forward approach and over 18 years of experience, he can help your business close the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

Joe’s proven process of inside out and top-down coaching, along with rock-solid systems and feedback model is the formula for sustainable success. If you are ready to go from good to great, from barely getting by to profitable an growing, take advantages of the complimentary coaching session with Joe and discover for yourself the difference

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Extreme Team Building

Most team buildings come and go with little lasting impact but NO ONE will ever forget the impact of their Firewalk experience!

Looking to leave a lasting impact on your sales team, employees, or to create your own media event?
There is nothing like storming across a bed of 1200 degree coals to empower, motivate, and bond your team. It becomes the perfect metaphor to teach your team the power of overcoming fear and how to raise the standard of what is possible.

The Firewalk Transformation is a powerful, paradigm-shifting event that many corporations and businesses are using to achieve impactful and lasting results. When hosting a private corporate Firewalk, we customize it to your exact needs and outcome to create an even greater impact on participants. This produces even more powerful results.

From 2 hours to a full day workshop, The Firewalk Transformation is the ultimate teambuilding and bonding experience. Depending on your needs, we can also include other aspects of the Impact Teambuilding such as glasswalk, board and cinder break, etc, to your event.

Media Events:
Looking to grab some headlines? Need to get some attention? Hold a private Firewalk on your property!! Combine team building and marketing in one event. Want another secret? Have your Firewalkers sponsored and all proceeds go to your favorite charity or foundation. Raise money and awareness as you get some positive press!
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