Coaching Mini Skills is a FREE event hosted by Get Life Coaching’s Training Center in Wilmington, Delaware and conducted by President and Founder, Joe White.


Coaching Mini Skills is open to all coaches regardless of where you trained, leaders, parents, or anyone who is interested in learning more about the skills and what it takes to coach others. Coaching Mini Skills is also an excellence opportunity for anyone who wishes to improve their life.  Space is limited, register early.

Leading and Coaching Through the Six Emotional Needs

April 17

All behavior is driven by six emotional needs. Needs are not wants. We will always find a way to meet our needs regardless of whether they serve us or not. We will settle for meeting these needs on a low lying level if we feel a deeper, more fulfilling level can't or won't be met. 

Learn about emotional needs and how to develop strategies to meet them at a higher level. 

What is the Body Saying? How to effectively read body language

May 15



Did you know there are ancient survival instincts that drive body language?

The face is the least likely place to gauge a person's true feelings?
Learn about powerful behaviors that reveal our confidence and true sentiments. 
Identify simple nonverbals that instantly establish trust,
 communicate authority
or reveal that someone may not be telling you the truth.


To Be Determined

May 15

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