Coach’s Camp

Have Your Ever Considered Become a Life Coach?

Do you desire to become a life coach? Are you looking to further your skills or learn how to create deep and lasting change? Or is your desire to become an exceptional leader, manager, an agent of change?

In choosing where you want to receive your training, the first question any coach must ask themselves is, “What kind of coach do I want to be?” That is the question Get Life Coaching President and Founder, Joe White, asked himself over 18 years ago before he started his successful coaching practice. 18 years ago there were few options and few life coaches. Joe knew he didn’t want to be a cheerleader or just a person to help his clients set goals and have accountability. Joe wanted to create true lasting change, not fluff, but core level change. When other coaches talked about goals, Joe knew that he must expand on the tools that he used to overcome his addiction to cocaine and alcohol. Anything less would just be a disservice.

Joe began his training by being trained to be a coach for Anthony Robbins. Also, he started studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with one of the original students of the founders, Bandler and Grinder. Joe has always felt that if you want to achieve the best results, train with the best teachers. Joe took these skills and grew and expanded Get Life Coaching through thousands of hours with clients. In the end, Joe has created a powerful system of coaching, pulled from the best and honed to perfection.

Regardless of where you are in your certification process and training, we promise you that our programs are unlike anything else and will prepare you for your career. We pride ourselves on providing the most powerful skills and models in an unbelievable environment with unprecedented support.

If your intentions are like Joe’s, to create real lasting change with your clients, then Coach’s Camp is for you.

It is simple; web-based seminars pale in comparison to the live experiential Coach’s Camp. It is like learning how to ballroom dance via a webinar. Coaching is more than just learning the steps; it is about knowing how to understand, connect and move the client beyond their “stories and excuses” to help them change what is really getting in the way of what they want to achieve.

At Coach’s Camp, you will be taught by 20 year Coaching veteran, Joe White. You will first learn the step by step the process of Core Pattern Coaching. Go far beyond just setting goals, giving accountability, and motivation. You will learn how to destroy and eliminate old patterns while building and integrating new, more empowering patterns in rapid time. 

One of the most powerful aspects of Coach’s Camp is the hands-on training you will receive through the mock coaching sessions. Joe breaks down each model, and then you will get a chance to practice it and receive in the moment guidance and feedback. You cannot get that learning from your computer screen. Joe will teach you the 7 Master Steps of Core Pattern Coaching to the additional models you will be learning; you will have the skills to become a successful coach and operate a profitable coaching practice.

Coach’s Camp is more than learning the skills. Too often people attend a training but then fail to put themselves out there. The top reason? Lack of confidence. An integral part of your experience at Coach’s Camp is the leadership component. You can learn all the skills but, if you don’t use those skills, they will just lie dormant and become untapped potential. Be prepared; you will be challenged and pushed at Coach’s Camp to be your best so that you will be your very best for your clients.

Joe is a master mechanic, and Coach’s Camp has given me the fundamental tools that I need to implement in order to grow both personally and professionally as a helper. I am very excited to move forward, and to come back for my second Coach’s Camp and share my successes.

Brian Matwiejewicz

It was a very enlightening experience. I thought I was here to learn how to coach, I not only filled up my tool box of coaching but learnt how to coach from my heart. The team at GLC is so genuine, caring, loving and extremely professional in their approach. I am in gratitude to have had such a wonderful education by such professionalism and so much fun. The team and Joe make this learning so much fun and exciting! Thank you!

Hiral Antala

Coach’s Camp delivers in so many unexpected ways. Yes you learn principles of coaching someone and how to successfully help someone create change but the atmosphere and the experiences not only give you the tools to coach but the personal development and growth you need to go through to serve others. This has been an incredible experience that changed me in so many ways I am forever thankful for

Cara Lewis

How Does It Work?

Certification is a 6 to 12-month process. There are three phases. 1) Attend the live 3 days hands-on, full-immersion Coach’s Camp. 2) Participate in Mentoring Coaching Program where you will coach two clients with the guidance of a Mentor Coach 3) Complete the Advance Coaching Skills Module. This is where the skills get truly integrated into you. Your confidence and skills grow immensely. At the end of your second round of Coach’s Camp, successful completing all aspects of 6 – 12-month training, you will receive your Life Coaching Certification.  
Also, our team is here to support you and to guide you. Our goal is simple. We want you to be successful, and we will do whatever it takes to get you there.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who wants to be a life coach or is already a life coach and would like to add to their skills. Many of our attendees are already coaches or therapists and have come to us to learn from Joe and gain his tools. Also, individuals attend Coach’s Camp as a leadership course. We are all coaches at some level. Whether you run a business or have a family, the skills you will learn have become so important, especially in today’s time.

What Is Included With The Tuition?

Attendance to Coach’s Camp

6 Months of Advance Coaching Skills Workshop

Comprehensive Mentor Coaching Module

Manual PDF versions of all worksheets and form

Enrollment and Tuition 

Plan 1:

Monthly Installments

$249/month for 12 months

Plan 2:

Single Installment

$2499 – SAVE $489

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