Success Stories 
"I have been to many many many trainings – this by far beats & surpasses all of them. They’re not even a close 2nd. This has allowed me to really look at my barriers like I haven’t before. I am and will remember to stay with my new me. Joe, you did a great job at helping me move into a new state.” Ken LaRosa



There is nothing like Design Your Life. Four life-changing days to focus on The Five Essential Components of Success: Vision, Values, Rules, Code of Standards and Success Plan. Design Your Life is where you create the vision, alignment, and plan for the life you really want.


What will my experience at Design Your Life be like?

You Will...
Create a powerful vision that pulls you towards it with passion.
Align the driving forces of action, your Value System.
Rules - We make it too hard to achieve the values we want and way too easy to achieve the values we don’t want. Happiness, success, fulfillment, should not be such a struggle.
Create Your Code of Standards and start living a higher quality of life.
Create a step by step, 12-month Success Plan, that moves you every day towards your biggest goals and dreams.


Are You Ready To Join Us For Design Your Life?

Too often we set a goal but we either can’t get motivated or we lose motivation. We want the pleasure of obtaining our desires but we also feel pain or discomfort in the process.


There is power in alignment and in knowing what your purpose is in life. Alignment allows your beliefs, values, and rules to all work together instead of feeling as if there is one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake. It is frustrating to know what you want in your head but then also feel emotionally restrained. When you leave Sunday, not only will you have a clear vision of your Dream Life, you will have inner alignment and a clear plan on how to achieve it.

Instead of waiting for the life you want, It is time to break through... it is time for you to design it.


Who Should Attend Design Your Life?
  • If you are ready for a more extraordinary life

  • If you want to achieve financial freedom 

  • If you are ready for what is next in your life

  • If you want to create a more passionate relationship

  • If you are feeling stagnant in life

  • If you feel ready for more fulfillment and happiness


Design Your Life works; however, don’t take our word, we put our money where our mouth is with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


No Risk. Only Reward – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


If at the end of Saturday Night Design Your Life you are not 100% satisfied, return all materials and receive a full refund. No risk, only reward.








Plan 1:
10 Monthly Installments of $179
Plan 2:
Single Installment of $1499

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