I get asked, “Why do you set such big goals for yourself? Aren’t you scared of being disappointed if you fall short?”

There inline most of the issues with traditional goal-setting methods. Goals setting based upon what you THINK you can do rather than what you genuinely are CAPABLE  of achieving. 

There are so many variables in attaining a goal; sometimes, things fall into place, and other times no matter what you do, you fall short of it. But what if achieving goals is really about something more significant?

I see goals as an opportunity to stretch myself, find out what I made of. 

Do I like missing a goal? Hell no? But I am committed to a bigger picture that is greater than any goal I set—living life to the fullest. 

Goals are like mile markers. It is how I set my course, but with any journey, courses can change. So stay committed to your outcome and remain flexible in your approach. 

Learning to appreciate failing, yes I am using that word, has produced some of my biggest wins. Afraid of failing is the same as not setting big enough goals because you fear being disappointed. 

Failure is excellent feedback. 

It means one of three options. 

  1. You need to change your direction. 
  2. You need to change your strategy. 
  3. You double down on your conviction that you are right and need to change tactics to achieve our outcome.

So set some big ass goals, fail a little, and achieve greatly!!

Rattle the Cage