Hey all you Coaches, Trainers, Teachers of personal development, Energy workers, Therapists and Spiritualists!

Would you like to have more tools to help your clients reach their potential even faster? Assist them to release their negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that are holding them back? 
Would you like to get the key to ignite all your inner power by exploring the door between the conscious and subconscious mind?

Get Life Coaching is excited to be co-hosting our first international event with Master Charly Relano of Hipnoempowerment based out of Madrid, Spain. This event is the first time a certification for Quantum Hypnosis and Biomagnetism has been offered on the East Coast. 
You'll learn how to use energy and your inner biomagnetism to increase connection with yourself and your clients. Learn how to easily access the information we keep stored in our subconscious. These skills will assist you in helping others to improve the potential of their mind and release the negative memories and emotions holding them back. 

The Hipnoempowerment course will be especially beneficial for all Coaches, Human Resources personnel, Energy Workers, Therapists and Spiritualists who's mission and passion is to help people overcome their barriers and live the life they deserve.


June 14-16 2019



The Get Life Coaching Training Center

2417 Silverside Rd Wilmington De 19810

Contact us at 302-832-3424

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Hypnosis & Biomagnetism

Certified by the European Academy of Neurosciences, Economics and Humanities (EANEH)


Day 1:

Introduction to the course.

Getting to know the hypnotic phenomenon.

Myths about hypnosis.

Kinds of hypnosis.

Hypnosis and suggestion.

Uses of hypnosis.



Introduction to quantic Hypnosis: Getting to know the use of the energy in hypnosis.

Ritual part of Hypnosis in the human history.

Electromagnetic Fields. Mesmer´s theories and applied biomagnetism.

Interact with other people´s electromagnetic Field.

Egyptian’s hypnosis rituals and red energy from the Keop´s pyramid.

Transfer of red energy. Use of the key to life.


Instant hypnosis: methods of producing instantaneous trance.

Calibration of the audience.

Arm protocol.

Lean on protocol.

Leaf fall protocol.

Magnetic protocol.

FlashBack protocol.

Practice of all protocols


Safety protocols in the practice of hypnosis. Code of ethics.

Suggestion Vs. Manipulation.


Levels of intensity in hypnosis

Level 1 relaxation

Level 2 catharsis

Level 3 advanced visualization

Level 4 hallucination

Chemical and forced hypnosis

Practices and concrete examples


Group visualization.



Day 2:

Doubts, requests and questions.

Review of inductions and levels.


Helping techniques within Hypnosis

Stress protocol

Stop smoking protocol

Reversible virtual gastric band protocol (weight loss)

Dependency protocol

Farewell protocol for loved ones

Empowerment Protocol

Guided practices


Regressions, memories of these and other lives

Regressions as an improvement technique

Regressions to the recent past (amnesia, blocked memories)

Regressions to the distant past (duels, inner peace)

Regressions to the mother's womb (debts and perceptions of the fetus)

Regressions to past lives (reality or fiction)

Progressions to the future (NLP line of life protocol and comparative)




Self-hypnosis, mental empowerment and increased intuition

Decalcification of the pineal gland protocol

Opening of the interdimensional space of meditation, mental cleaning and empowerment.

Self-hypnosis audios (own and personalized for clients)

Use of the metronome and instruments to help autotrance.


Mental reprogramming

Deletion and implementation of memories protocols

Selective memory

False memories

Limiting suggestions

Psychic Transmission



Other means of inducing trance. Music, holotropic breathing, visual patterns.



Day 3:

Review, doubts and questions.


Parapsychological and ritual exercises

Introduction to Hypnomagic

Connection with spiritual guides

Energy cleaning protocols. People, places, animals and things.

Protocol of the use of the retaining amphora (energetic cleaning of places)

Introduction to cartomancy and oracles

Magic items

Psychic archeology

Telepathic connections

Scheduled dreams



The art of "magnetic effect"

Magnetized of people and objects

The imagination within the magnetic connection

The magnetic "pairs"

The search for individual improvement, imbalances and magnetic crises

Blood as internal magnetic fluid

Magnetic coma (induction)

The chakras as magnetic points

Pineal gland and other body fluids

External magnetic objects, magnets, stones and charges

Alterations by external magnetic fields, magnetic insulators

Magnetic dances (Tai Chi)

Fractal music, bowls, gong, wingwave and brain waves


Mesmer´s wheel and group experimentation


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