Transform your aspirations into real actions with real results. A personal life coach might be your key to accountability and success.

We all have goals and dreams, but unfortunately, many of them never leave the planning stage. Work, chores, and life in general pile up, making us push our plans for self-improvement until next month and next year. To break this cycle, a life coach helps you turn fleeting thoughts into concrete steps towards a better life.

How each person utilizes their personal life coach varies, but here are three essential tactics you’ll tackle with them and how those tactics can enhance your life.

1. Defining Motivations

Motivation is the driving force behind change, but it’s often misunderstood. A study of 3,000 German grade seven students identified two types of motivation: performance-based and mastery. Students focused on getting good grades predictably got good grades that year, while students who focused on mastery and understanding continued to do well over the course of a three-year follow-up.

A personal life coach helps you balance both types of motivation properly. Together, you’ll categorize your motivations, tie them to your personal values, and use them to fuel long-term growth.

2. Setting Clear Objectives

When you start your journey towards personal or professional growth, your objectives may be broad and unmeasurable. You know you want to be happier, make more money, or perform better at work, but how do you actually get there?

You need goalposts and clear objectives. With a life coach, you can create them with tangible steps. A professionally-informed outside perspective clears the fog of muddied goals and gives you a more definite path to follow. 

3. Creating Accountability

One of the biggest obstacles to personal achievement is a lack of accountability. Keeping goals to yourself limits potential. When you fail, there’s no one to keep you on your path. In fact, a study found that participants who shared their goals and progress succeeded more often than participants who didn’t.

Friends, family, and colleagues are great sources of motivation and inspiration, but a life coach is the perfect source of accountability. He or she is someone who is familiar with your journey and invested in your success, so they encourage you to adhere to your values and goals. This isn’t just limited to personal growth — a life coach for professional growth can help you from falling back on habits that often work, but don’t achieve growth.

What the Journey With a Life Coach Looks Like

While life coaches help clients reach goals with the previously mentioned tools, your journey together can broaden your scope of success by helping you:

  • Adopt productive habits and a growth mindset
  • Identify talents and skills
  • Become a source of wisdom for others
  • Break through fears, mental blocks, and comfort zones
  • Define and redefine goals in a meaningful way

If you’re ready to start that process, Get Life Coaching’s Design Your Life seminar is a great place to start. Over the course of four days, you’ll learn about the Five Essential Components to Success, how to align them with your own values system, and how to harness that internal alignment for success.

Whether you’re recalibrating your personal life or revitalizing your professional career, contact Get Life Coaching today to design a road that can take you to new, wonderful places.

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