The power of words either works for or against us. The language we use does not merely define our life experience. It creates it. In other words, whatever we say consistently is going to become our reality. Understand that every word we use, every thought we think changes our biochemistry. It could shift us a little or a lot.

Our Words Become Our Reality

Whatever thoughts we keep reciting in our head is essentially a rehearsal of what we are going to become. So, those of us that have negative thoughts, such as ‘I hope I don’t fail’ are literally creating pictures in our heads of us failing.

It works the other way, as well. If we picture in our head ourselves finding a way through and being successful or dominating a situation, that is going to become our reality. Neuroplasticity is the ability to rewire our brain.

Select Words that Have a Positive Outcome

We must understand that we often do not pick our words consciously and that could be a problem if we use words that do not serve us well. There are certain words that set us up to fail. One of the big ones is ‘try’. It is either ‘do’ or ‘not do’.

How Our Habitual Dictionary Kills or Empowers Us

Changing our habitual vocabulary that we use subconsciously to more positives ones is a way to traverse and change our way of thinking, making our reality a more successful life experience.

Words to Eliminate from our Vocabulary:

  • Try
  • Can’t
  • Impossible

Hedge Words (Non-committal):

  • Probably
  • Should
  • Maybe
  • I guess

Positive Word to Use:

  • Any
  • I can
  • I am
  • I will

Making the Power of Words Work Towards Success

Language is benign. It is going to work however you use it. Because we do not selectively pick our words, very often we pick words out of our habitual dictionary that do not serve us. They do not get us where we want to go.

The way to overcome being stuck is to change your words to the past, such as “I used to be no good at ….” This frees your brain up to find more resources and use a more positive framing. This leads us to a transitory stage where we become better, “I’m not good at this YET” or “I’m learning to …”

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Eliminate the Negative – Accentuate the Positive

Our subconscious mind then finds the resources to succeed if we change our negative pattern of telling ourselves we cannot do something. Most language is subconscious. To change, we need to select consciously our language patterns that will lead us to a more positive experience.

Once we master our habitual language to be a more successful, we can transgress and grow how we envision. This gives us the power to change and become what we aspire to become.   

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