Have you ever found yourself in a negative situation where bad things just pile on top of each other and asked Why is this happening to me? Unfortunately, that sort of negative self-talk is something that only keeps us stuck in a negative thinking space. Thankfully, there are many tools and helpful strategies that can help you get out of this pattern. If you want to learn what they are, keep reading!

Why Negative Self-Talk

The most valuable tool for combating negative self-talk is understanding how your brain works. The perfect explanation would be: Whatever you focus in life, that’s what you get. That being said, if you focus more on what you DON’T WANT, you’ll get more of that too.

Did you know that your subconscious controls 90% of what you do today? That’s right, it believes whatever you tell it about life as it sort of works like a computer, some would say it’s on autopilot. So pay attention to what you think and say, because if you say it enough times (whether it’s something positive or negative), your subconscious will think it’s true.

The word WHY is something that specifically gets your brain going because it tries to look for answers to justify your questions. Consequently, if you keep bringing up negative scenarios with enough conviction, your subconscious will believe they’re real. Even if there’s no reasons to back it up – your mind will make them up for you.

Want more examples on how to get rid of that pesky negative self-talk? Please watch the video below in which expert Joe White provides more valuable tools to help you live your best life:

How to Get Rid of Negative Self-Talk

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At Get Life Coaching our focus has always been on core transformation. When you change the core patterns that are not serving you, it changes everything else. Changing those limiting core patterns and creating new and empowering patterns is called alignment. The first step is getting you aligned.

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