The Sunrise Challenge Meditation
I Am Peace

I thought, what would be an awesome way to celebrate my birthday on February 15? I mean, let’s do something special, right? It is number 55!!

Life can get crazy. We all can get a bit twisted up.

That’s where I thought it would be perfect for doing a very special, one-day-only Sunrise Challenge Meditation. From our popular I Am Series.

On February 15, I will be conducting our I AM PEACE meditation live at 6 am.

This 20-minute guided journey will focus on restoring balance, reducing stress, and mindfulness to your life.

It is perfect for those times when you need a little guidance in getting back to peace within yourself.

I have been using the I AM PEACE meditation on my own pretty often lately. It is great to do any other time that life gets super crazy and out of hand. You can also feel free to do it any other time that you would like. There are no rules here. This is why you will receive access to the video and an audio version you can download to your favorite device.

It’s your meditation, and this is about YOU coming back into balance within yourself again.

Here is one of the best aspects of Sunrise Challenge I AM PEACE Meditation; IT IS FREE. My gift to you.

On a personal note, how cool will it be for all of us to share in this experience together, live? I think it will be amazing. So please join us.

If you meditate regularly, a first-timer, or struggled with mediation in the past, The Sunrise Challenge I AM PEACE Meditation is perfect for you.

The I AM Series is easy, fun, and powerful. It will help you find your way back to peace within yourself in a short 20-minute journey.

Visit here for more information on how you can join us for the Sunrise Challenge I AM PEACE Meditation on February 15 at 6 am Eastern; just sign up below!

I look forward to being with you on February 15.