What creates SUCCESS?


Success in life, relationship, financial, health?

It is a simple formula.


O is for obsession.
The biggest mistake that people make is that they “dabble” in the beginning. I get it. We all have done this. BUT, there is no commitment and the motivation and enthusiasm just wears off.

The anti-dote to that is IMMERSION or in other words, throw yourself fully into it from the beginning.

I know that sounds scary BUT it works. It has worked for me and my clients of over 21 years.

F is for FOCUS. That seems the hardest during these times. There seems to be an overload of things that DISEMPOWER us and DISTRACTS us. Life gets in the way of your biggest dreams and goals.

But what if you could stay focused, driven and committed. What could stop you? NOTHING.

This is why I created 3 amazing opportunities for you to make 2021 more than a rebound year but a launchpad to anything you want to achieve.

Each opportunity is perfectly designed to achieve its outcome.


Total Value of LEVEL UP CLUB – $3,545 

All for 12 monthly installments of only $97 

SAVINGS of OVER $2,000

Coaching with Joe brought to the masses. We are so excited about Level Up Club.  

Level Up Club is centered around weekly LIVE group coaching session with Joe!  

Each week’s calls will focus on: 

  • Weekly actions towards goals.
  • Celebrations of wins.
  • Skills.
  • Accountability.
  • All Live Sessions are recorded and available for on-demand viewing.

But there is so much more  

  • Goal and Daily Ritual Workshop to prepare for the BEST 12 months of your life.  
  • Monthly one on one 15-minute accountability and personalized strategy coaching sessions 
  • One-year access to our Sunrise Challenge Meditation Series. Both live and archived$388 value.  
  • Ticket to Ultimate Breaking Through The Barrier Event. $499 value 
  • Personality Assessment. $79 Value 

Total Value of Package: $10,343 

ALL IN is only 12 monthly installments of $299 


For those who desire a deeper commitment than the Level Up Club, we offer ALL IN.  

Think about how someone becomes a Doctor. They do so through a very prescribed method of learning and integration. 

The problem with Personal Education is that it is offered in a pick it when you need it fashion. That means you have already gone off course.  

ALL IN is for those who want to avoid the loss of motivation and drive.  

Think of it as GLC University!! 

A complete study and skills for life, with accountability, coaching, and immersion. 

ALL IN includes EVERY LIVE and VIRTUAL event we do AND anything new we add. All at a fraction of the cost.  

You receive: 

  • Ultimate Breaking Through The Barrier. $199 
  • Design Your Life. $1999 
  • Leader Within Weekend. $999 
  • Attain Any Goal. $399 
  • Firewalk Breakthrough $399 
  • And, the ALL NEW Breakthrough Coach Certification. $2999 

In addition, GLC University our Virtual Seminars 

  • The Level Up Club (And all the bonus added) 
  • One-year access to our Sunrise Challenge Meditation Series. Both live and archived. $388 value.  
  • NLP Level One Certification – $599  
  • Hypnosis Level One Certification – $599 
  • Enlighten Soul: Life, Relationship, and Sex – $599 
  • Advance Coaching Skills (Part of Breakthrough Coach Certification) 
  • Mentoring Coaching (Part of Breakthrough Coach Certification) 
  • Get You To Launch – Coaching Launch Program – (Part of Breakthrough Coach Certification) 

With ALL IN who are COVID PROOF, guaranteed a ticket to your event even pass your one year.  

You will also receive access or tickets to ANY NEW EVENT added within your year.
For the virtual events, your whole family has access!!

You can gift any live event to a family member!!

Total Value of Package: $16,837 

ALL IN is only 12 monthly installments of $499 


There are only a limited number of ALL IN + Available. Supplies are limited.  

ALL IN + is for those who are desire the deepest possible commitment to an extraordinary life.  


But here is where it gets crazy.  

In addition, you will receive SIX Months of private coaching (in person or ZOOM) with Joe.  

AND a ticket to our Firewalk Instructor Training. $3,500