Leader Within Weekend

Lead Your Life From The Inside Out

Every felt conflict or hesitation with yourself? 

Maybe you feel it is time to raise your game and level up.  

Wanting to feel and act more confidently?

The Leader Within Weekend is NOT about leading others. Well, not initially. 
It is about you learning how to lead yourself better. Becoming more confident in yourself, gaining skills, and breaking through limiting mindset. 
Too often, we feel as if we are in a battle within ourselves. We debate ourselves, become indecisive, and unclear on what we want and where we are going. 
Leader Within Weekend is about you growing your emotional muscles and skills to rise up in times of uncertainty, have crystal clear focus, and stay on the course to live a life of fulfillment and success. 

Inner Strength



Leader Within Weekend is unlike any other Get Life Event. Leader Within Weekend is based more on the proven principles of experiential learning than the classic “lecture” format. This allows you to grow at an exponential rate and build your emotional muscles while you are at Leader Within Weekend instead of trying to recreate what you’ve learned when getting home. 
If you are looking to up your life or business. Explode to the next level and prepare to become an empowering leader in your business, team, or family, Leader Within Weekend is where you begin. 
If you are tired of being stuck or settling in life or business, Leader Within Weekend is where you begin. 
If you are looking for the confidence, tools, and skills to successfully navigate the challenges in life, Leader Within Weekend is where you begin.  

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