In times of uncertainty, we seem to hold on to one thing first and foremost. FEAR. No matter the circumstances, how we respond to it amplifies more when things get challenging…

While fear is part of the human conditioning, how we respond it is what matters the most. It’s important to understand the nervous system and differentiate between fear and actual danger. 

Keep in mind, all fear is learned behavior. We come into this world with just two organically induced fears (also known as moro reflex} – fear of loud noises and of falling. Everything else is learned and it’s mostly based on false evidence appearing real. When we act in fear, we condition our brain to do it more and more. This means that the more we react in fear, the easier it is to do so over and over again. It just becomes natural when it shouldn’t.

How to overcome fear? 

The best way to face fear is to power right through it. Once you realize that whatever you make up in your head is way worse than the actual reality of the situation, you will have a better understanding of how to control it. 

To overcome it, you need to take notice of your patterns and repeating cycles. The goal is to not base your choices on the past and what you believe might happen in the future, but to look at what’s right in front of you. Embrace the power of being still and stop focusing your energy on reacting. Sometimes it’s worth to sit with your feelings before making a hasty decision based on something that’s not actually real.

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