Victimization language is often used when we get stuck thinking that something has happened to us and it’s not our fault. Today, we’re going to dive deeper into the destructive side of being a victim and how to get rid of it. 

The bottom line is there’s no empowerment in being a victim. We should be taking full responsibility for everything in our lives. When we don’t own our part in all experiences, we simply give up an ability to be empowered. 

Many people get stuck when they rely on the victimization language, such as: “That’s not fair!” or “Why is this always happening to me?!” Even though it’s way easier to blame someone else for your problems, you have to understand that the only way through is taking full responsibility for your own life. 

Getting Rid of Victimization Language 

The first step is awareness. Pay attention to your language patterns and try to break them. While most people don’t think about the words they use, their language is like an MRI to respective subconscious maps. In other words, it’s how they see the world. Creating more empowering patterns will help you get where you need to go. 

Another way is to focus on the language refrain so you can correct yourself whenever you want to say something that’s not serving you. Instead of saying “I don’t know how to do this”, say: “I have yet to achieve it” or “I’m learning to get better at…” 

If you want to learn more tools on taking full responsibility for your life and getting rid of that pesky victimization language, we invite you to watch this insightful life coaching video from Master Coach Joe White.

Life Coaching Tips on Getting Rid of Victimization Language

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