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Tammy Newell
Event Coordinator/Coach

Tammy Newell started her coaching career in the medical field as a RN 30 years ago, spending the last 20 yrs as a Nurse Practitioner with the purpose of helping people improve their lives. Starting with health education and coping with diagnosis, she now uses those skills with her clients to help them improve all areas of their life. Tammy came to Get Life Coaching in 2016 feeling stuck and stagnant, wondering if this is all there was for her. She fast tracked herself through all GLC’s programs and decided to join the team. Coaching has given her a new way to fulfill her purpose by helping and challenge herself every day to live her extraordinary life. 

I Highly recommend Tammy Newell, Life Coach with GLC! She helped me recognize the patterns I've been running that have kept me stuck, and guided me through discovering the changes I needed to make to change my life. Tammy is respectful and caring, and she won't let you get away with telling yourself "stories" that impede your progress. 

Pat D.

Joe White

Joe White founded Get Life Coaching 20 years ago in his basement with two clients over the phone. Since then he's helped to change thousands of lives and businesses. In his free time, you can catch Joe at an Eagles game, riding his Harley, or spending time with his daughter.

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