Get Life Coach’s Core.

We believe in the greatness that exist inside of everyone.

We create amazing products and events to assist individuals to tap into their greatness.

Get Life Coach’s Core Values

All are welcome

We hold no judgement. We are all on a journey, dealing with the challenges that lie before us. This creates a a safe environment that produces amazing transformation.  

We are not broken

We don’t believe in the “broke fix model”. We do believe that all we need is within us and at Get Life Coaching we help our clients to connect to their authentic selves. 


We live best when we are free. Free from the baggage of our past, fears and limiting patterns. 

Joe’s Story

Master Coach Joe White’s real-life story of transformation and growth has fueled his 21 year journey with Get Life Coaching transforming over 100,000 lives and businesses around the world.

It started over 26 years ago when Joe was caught in the grips of a life-threatening drug and alcohol addiction. He survived a flat-lined overdose only to spiral deeper into his addiction. His life changed in 1993 when he discovered a set of self-help tapes that became the catalyst for his transformation. In 1994, Joe broke free from his addiction and changed the trajectory of his life forever. 

It was 1999 when Joe founded Get Life Coaching in his basement. It was one of the first full-time coaching companies in the country, His unique “no b.s.” approach attracted many clients that were deemed as “unhelpable.” From there Joe’s reputation grew and so did the results he was able to create. 

In the 21 years to follow Joe grew Get Life Coach beyond Delaware, throughout the USA and globally. He came a Master Firewalk Instructor and in 2019 he became the owner of the Firewalk Institute of Research and Education. This global organization was responsible for certifying firewalk instructors including notables such as Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, and Dr. Weil.


Joe White Method

Joe’s honest and to the point approach is the foundation. Joe is not a therapist. Nor is he your cheerleader. He is a mechanic for your life. His methodology is grounded in a set of tools he developed called Mechanical Based Coaching. Joe works with his clients at their core patterns, helping to break the patterns and empowering people to become an even better coach in their own lives. 

From the top gastroenterologist in the world, to business leaders and individuals who are stuck in emotional patterns. They breakthrough, transform their lives or businesses, and achieve their top results. 

One of the questions that Joe loves to ask is, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

Well what would you do?

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