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95% of all people who set resolutions and goals at New Years fail within the first 30 days. 

Imagine preparing your butt off for a 12 round race only to get eliminated after the first round. Ouch!!

Although many people “think” they will be the 5% who succeed, 95% of them are proven wrong. Not great odds.

For over a quarter of century Get Life Coaching and Joe White has been the place where individuals who are committed to NOT being part of the 95% trust and turn to. 

If this is you, then I have great news for you. Our New Year Extravaganza offers you the coaching or tools to ensure you are part of the 5% group.

Skip the FOMO and seize the savings! The New Year Extravaganza is your bridge to the next-to-lowest prices before tuition returns to our regular rates. 

Find your perfect package in our New Years Extravaganza!!

Private Coaching Package

Start 2024 on fire and driven. Whether you are new to coaching or been a client with us for years, this is a great opportunity to SAVE big time!!

Save $1,198 When You Buy 10 months of Mastery Coaching with Master Coach Joe White (twenty sessions) and get two month free (four sessions)

Breakthough Package

Our cornerstone event with coaching that maximizes your growth from Breaking Through The Barrier!!

  • Ticket To Our January Breaking Through The Barrier
  • One Momentum Coaching Sessions Master Coach Joe White (30 minute private sessions)

Firewalk Instructor Training Certification You Pick Your Package!

Save ~$700 off off our published tuition. 
Buy two tickets at t $3,257 and save 2,700!!

Leader Package

Take your pick of program and save, or pick the both and save even more 

  • Leader Within Weekend Normally $499  Now $313
  • Next Gen Leadership
    Normally  $799 Now $367
  • Combo Normally if purchased together Now $613

LVL Up Mastermind

Buy a year subscription and GIVE TWO to your family and friends.

LVL UP Mastermind is your weekly ticket to personal growth and success. Join our transformative LVL Up Mastermind, hosted by Master Coach Joe White, where you’ll discover powerful self-coaching tools to unlock your full potential.

Design Your Life

Design Your Life is our biggest transformative event. To create your extraordinary life, we all need that internal alignment to avaoid the pitfalls of getting stuck or sabotaging your own success.

Get Design Your Life For $316 Off And Get A Free Coaching Session

Normally $999
Now $683

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