Taking care of yourself should be your main priority. For example, the flight attendant always tells us that in a time of emergency you must put your oxygen mask on before helping others. This exact principle should apply to the rest of your life. We aren’t saying you shouldn’t help those in need when you can, but instead, make sure that you are truly taking self-care measures on a daily basis before over-extending yourself to other people and tasks in your life. These people and tasks may include family, friends, work, or even a social life. Besides, do they really deserve the watered-down version of you, or do they deserve your best possible self? I think you know the answer to that one.

Although the best help you can get is from Joe here at Get Life coaching, here are some of our favorite self-coaching tools to keep you at your highest potential when faced with adversity in your day-to-day life.


In order to make changes within yourself, you must begin with accepting your current physical and emotional state. By doing this, you are able to see the changes necessary and forecast what you may need to do in the future. Step back and examine your life from the outside, and you may find some things that are right next to you or even behind you, while you were too busy looking forward. Our favorite self-coaching tools will only work their magic once you become aware of yourself.

Not sure how to become aware in this way? Let’s take a look at the next tool that will help you do so.


HALT stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired. It comes from a 12-step program and is completely applicable to anyone, not just those in recovery. When you are hungry, angry, lonely, or tired, you are more likely to succumb to bad behaviors, do something irrational, or make a mistake that could push you back rather than make you better.

Hungry and Tired are physical scarcities and Angry and Lonely are emotional scarcities. Whether we like it or not, anytime we are in scarcity, we are more susceptible to negative behaviors from ourselves. This is why the next tool is so important.

Protect Yourself from YOU

Remember HALT? That tool helped us become more aware of ourselves. Now that we can see where we have scarcities, it’s time to do the real heavy lifting.

You need to protect yourself from the greatest con-artist, sabotager, and slime ball of them all, YOURSELF. Once you have become aware of the things that make you vulnerable, it’s up to you to fight against those urges and make real change within yourself.

Here are some ways to protect yourself against yourself.

Look for Indicators

Start by looking for indicators that you are becoming unstable. These indicators can be one or more of these five instances:

  • Physical (Motions, Facial Expressions, How you stand, or How you walk)
  • Tone & Words (What you say, Are you louder? Harsher? Completely silent?)
  • Negative Self-Talk (Things you say to yourself)
  • Kinesthetic Bodily Responses (Feeling a pit in your stomach, Tension in your neck)
  • Old Patterns (Stomping around, Cursing)

When you see these things manifesting, you must realize that these are indicators trying to tell you to turn it around, to stop following that easy path, to be better. 

Look for Situations

Sometimes there aren’t specific indicators you pick up on, but rather, certain situations you find yourself in. You wonder, “Why am I here again?” Or, “Why does this keep happening to me?” These can be even more difficult to recognize because you are blinded by all the working parts of the problem.

Maybe it is something you want to do, maybe it is something you have to do! Sometimes, we put ourselves in situations to distract us from the real problem. If we aren’t aware, we do this without even realizing it. If we are doing it without realizing, we never change our ways! The only way to fix this is to create a strategy for the situations that hook you. 

Now that you have our favorite self-coaching tools to get you started on your journey through self-realization, take the reins into your own hands and strategize your future with Get Life Coaching. We will help you create a strategy to easily pick up on those HALT indicators and rid yourself of those negative situations you keep finding yourself in. We can assist you in your personal and professional life and answer any coaching questions you may have. Working with a life coach will help you achieve your goals, monitor and evaluate your personal development, and improve your overall mental health. Remember, if you haven’t taken optimal care of yourself, how can you expect to help anyone else?

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Eliminate the Negative – Accentuate the Positive

Our subconscious mind then finds the resources to succeed if we change our negative pattern of telling ourselves we cannot do something. Most languages are subconscious. To change, we need to consciously select our language patterns that will lead us to a more positive experience.

Once we master our habitual language to be more successful, we can transgress and grow how we envision. This gives us the power to change and become what we aspire to become.   

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