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All coaching is not alike.

Let’s get that out of the way.

“This man Joe White has told me things I have needed and wanted to hear my entire life! I have searched high and low for answers, for solutions, for that one thing that would click…. and stick. Something has stuck. Something is different. With absolute certainty, I know something in my mind, body, and soul has shifted.” 

For over 19 years Joe White and Get Life Coach has defined and redefined the lasting results of what coaching can deliver. As Joe says, “I don’t want you to feel better, I want you to become better.”

Motivation wears off and is ineffective. Ever try to motivate a child to hurry up in the morning? It is an exhaustive process. Knowledge is good, but it gives you awareness. Being aware is a major step but just knowing doesn’t change anything. Setting goals is important but don’t we have to figure out why you are not achieving the goals you’re setting first?

At Get Life Coaching our focus has always been on core transformation. When you change the core patterns that are not serving you, it changes everything else. Changing those limiting core patterns and creating new and empowering patterns is called alignment. The first step is getting you aligned. If this is not done first, you will never consistently achieve the things you want in life, or it will take you a lot more effort and time. It is like someone who keeps buying new tires and never realizing their alignment is out.

The second step is what truly separates Joe and Get Life Coaching. The second phase is where Joe trains you to be a coach in your own life. The truth is that life is filled with problems, but problems are a part of life. Coming to a coach to help solve a problem without the understanding and skills to handle future problems only keeps you dependent on that coach. Joe’s approach has always been about independence, not dependence.

When you combine these steps with 21 years of experience coaching individuals and businesses you can understand why Joe’s clients are successful.

Joe has coached everyone from the top gastrointestinal surgeon in the world, to individuals who are trying to break free from limiting emotional states. From relationships on the verge of ending, to the youth stuck in drug addiction, to the business owner fighting to keep their doors open, to global giants such as Google and G.E, when a breakthrough is a must there is only one name, Get Life Coaching.

What To Expect? 

As Joe shares, “I am not a therapist or counselor. Although I have great respect for them, and they care deeply, there are just faster ways to change. I am not your cheerleader. I am not here to say you can do it. You can do it. I am not Jillian Michaels and will not scream at you. That is not efficient; you deserve more respect than that. I am here to keep things honest and raw. Sometimes we need someone to tell us what we need to hear, even though we don’t want to hear it. I am not even your typical coach. At the end of the day, I am a mechanic. I am a mechanic for your life. I will help you to become aligned with your true self and teach you to become a coach in your life.”

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