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Sell and Get Paid Like a Rockstar

Whether you are solopreneur, small business owner or operator, or sales person, there is one simple truth. Increasing your sales will solve most problems. What if you could increase your sales, I mean really increase them? What if you could close even more deals and stop leaving money on the table what would the impact be on your business? Your life? 


Join Joe White, President and founder of Get Life Coaching and nation sales and profit improvement expert, as his guest, for this two-hour workshop as he shares simple tools that you can start using to increase your sales immediately. 


So many people who must sell so often feel uncomfortable in the sales process. It could be handling objections or push backs. Maybe it is closing and asking for the sale. Or perhaps it is getting your asking price. 


Learn how to overcome objections, learn the art of the close, and get paid your worth. If you are serious about increasing your profits, even more, register today for Sell and Get Paid Like A Rockstar. 


Only 3 spots are available. Give yourself the gift and register now.

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