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When a breakthrough is a must, there is only one name, Get Life Coaching. Today, we invite you to spot coaching where Joe is answering some of your most asked questions. 

Is it OK to use negative incantations, for example, I’m fat? 

Incantation is something you say with emotional intensity. Understand that every word you say affects your biochemistry. When you say negative things to yourself, you’re activating negative energy in your body.  

On top of it, when you say those bad things out loud repeatedly, you’re training your brain to store negative memories as images and sounds that represent certain feelings. You need to break that conditioning cycle and focus your thoughts and energy on where you want to be instead. Try saying out loud something more positive like: “I treasure and honor my body. It’s a vessel of my dreams. I use food as fuel and exercise as my drive and my engine.” 

There’s three ways that you can condition something in your brain: 

  1. Repetition – If you say something out loud enough times, it will start to sink in. 
  2. Uniqueness – Rhyme it or say it over music to make it unique enough to stand out. 
  3. Emotional Intensity – Use your body to connect to it. In other words, focus on your language and the way you speak to yourself and your body. Whether it’s a quiet and calm pep talk in the morning or shouting your words of encouragement out loud. 

I’ve been really struggling with stress, which resulted in grinding my teeth a lot. With such a stressful year (work, pandemic, elections), I can really feel the anxiety creeping in. What should I do? 

First, differentiate between worry, stress and anxiety. It is a graduating scale. What happens is that all of these three patterns are products of our need to counter balance the uncertainty we feel. Instead of trying to run negative scenarios in your head and fear not having control over a certain situation, try setting boundaries. What we mean by that is that you need to decide what is under your control versus what is under the influence. No matter how hard it may seem, it’s not impossible. Keep in mind that you CAN control what you think, what you say, what you feel, and what you do. 

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