Challenge and Thrive

We rise when we are challenged.

We flourish when we thrive.

It’s as simple as that.

More now than ever, Inner Peace is essential for modern-day living.

Life often feels chaotic and unpredictable—a whirlwind where we push and pull in every direction. Let’s be honest; there are times when there are no easy answers.

Inner conflict and feelings of uneasiness have replaced inner Peace, and there is an impact on us and our lives.

Often it shows up as…

  • Restless sleep and sleepless nights.
  • Irratiblessness and anger.
  • Comfort eating.
  • Low energy.
  • Loss of motivation.
  • Overindulging in alcohol.
  • Mindless social media and games.
  • Loss of sex drive.
  • And, of course, STRESS, WORRY and OVERWHELM.

It’s time to retrieve your inner peace.

The Sunrise Challenge Inner Peace is a virtual 11 Day Meditation led by Master Coach Joe White. These meditations are not your typical “sit, and try not to think about anything” meditations. The Sunrise Challenge is 11 specially curated guided journeys that will help you find and live with your inner peace and are perfect whether you are new or experienced with meditation.

The magic of the Sunrise Challenge meditations is that they work on BOTH the conscious and subconscious mind. They are specifically designed to make you feel better in the moment and, more importantly, to change the associates in your subconscious mind. This way, you will not only THINK about inner peace, but you will LIVE it.

All sessions are recorded, and you have LIFETIME ACCESS to BOTH the video and the audio-only file.

These are the types of changes people experience from doing The Sunrise Challenge:

  • -A newfound sense of calm and clarity
  • -The ability to think more clearly
  • -More patience and compassion for themselves and others
  • -Increased creativity and productivity
  • – Improved relationships
  • – Greater physical health and well-being
  • – A stronger sense of confidence and purpose

The Sunrise Challenge Inner Peace Meditations.

  • Day 1: Finding Your Center
  • Day 2: The Art of Letting Go
  • Day 3: Forgiveness Meditation
  • Day 4: Protecting Your Power Meditation
  • Day 5: Inner Child Meditation
  • Day 6: Gratitude Meditation
  • Day 7: The Journey Inward
  • Day 8: Presence
  • Day 9: Acceptance
  • Day 10: Trust
  • Day 11: Surrender



Dates: April 25- May 5

Times: 6 am – 6:25 am EDT

Place: Virtually on ZOOM

Investment: $39 – One-time payment.

Enroll Now –


All sessions are recorded for lifetime access.

The Sunrise Challenge is an opportunity to step away from the hustle and bustle of every day and find and live with your inner peace.

So, are you ready to find your inner peace? Join The Sunrise Challenge today for only $39 by CLICKING HERE

Coming Soon!

Sunrise Challenge Meditation: Live Your Greatness

June 6, 2022 – June 16, 2022

Coming Soon!

Sunrise Challenge Meditation: The Unstoppable You

September 26, 2022 – October 6, 2022

That is why I created the Sunrise Challenge Meditation to challenge and awaken your greatness both consciously and subconsciously. I have designed eleven perfectly aligned meditations for you to Level Up your life.

These 11 meditations will bring you tremendous clarity, focus, and drive to thrive in your life.

How Does The Sunrise Challenge Meditation: Level Up Work?

  • From Monday, January 3rd to Thursday, 13th,  I will lead you through a LIVE 20-minute guided journey with your tribe.
  • Each guided journey builds upon the one before, leading you through a curated journey.
  • Perfect for first-timers or experienced participants, 
  • All sessions are recorded and uploaded to a private membership site, so you can watch them later in the day if you cannot join us.
  • In addition, an audio-only version is created so you can listen on your favorite mobile device.
  • Best of all, you have lifetime access to both the video and audio programs.
  • You can invite a friend to join you when you enroll before December 31, 2021. They will receive full membership to Sunrise Challenge Meditation: Level Up. This is our way of helping to inspire you and your friends or family members.

How Do I Participate In The Challenge?

Enroll today for just $97. 00. Yes, I said $97.00 for all of the above.

That’s an incredible value, and you have the membership to gift to a friend or family.