Whiteboard Coaching #14 – Three Zones of Transformation from Joe White on Vimeo.

If we can simplify transformation, then we can manage it and get a greater success. I call this the zones of transformation. It is simple. There are three zones. First step is to identify what zone you are in. More importantly, what to do when you are in it.

Our society bombards us with so many different ways and means on how to change, how to get to the next level. Sometimes, just like weight loss or health management, it seems over complicated. We need to take the complexity out of personal education.

Zone #1 – The Stuck Zone

You seem to be spinning your wheels and going around and not getting anywhere. For some people it can be a couple of days, a week or a month. Others, a year or even what seems like a lifetime.

When you’re in this zone, it’s about blame and justification.  ‘I’m too tired’, ‘I work too hard’, ‘it’s my relationship’, ‘it’s my past’. You’re not going anywhere. You get frustrated. Maybe even depressed. You feel angry or overwhelmed. All these negative feelings are part of zone #1 and is all about fear.

Zone #2 – The Breakthrough Zone

Once you get to this zone, it feels really good. That’s because you are tired of being stuck and you want something new. In this zone, we examine our past for patterns.

By working through our previous failures, we identify what was holding us back. There is still fear in this part of the zone where we question our worthiness or whether we are capable of change.

Sometimes people get addicted to this zone. They keep searching and reexaminingIt is possible to stall in this zone and fail to walk through that door beckoning us to the next level.

Zone #3 – The Innovation Zone

Another term for this zone is aerodynamics. In this zone, we look for challenges. The focus is always on the future and forward thinking. Here, it is all about purpose and mission.

This zone has a lot of forward momentum with greater chance of success with less effort. When you are in zone #3 it is full throttle and the question is, “Who can help me become more aerodynamic?”

This is the zone that most of us would like to be and hopefully one that you will make it to. Zone #3 understands our humanity. There is always going to be new limiting factors. The biggest challenge is to keep the momentum going. We get excited because we are getting where we want to go.

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