Emotions are not static. They are dynamic in nature which means that every emotion we feel, from happiness to depression, from love to anger is either intensifying or weakening. Emotions are not permanent. They are all fleeting including happiness. We get caught in the expectations that happiness should be something we achieve and feel forever. Expecting to be happy forever is called being medicated. We are meant to feel all emotions. They all serve a primary purpose. Even the ones we wish we rather not feel. The key is to make happiness your center of gravity and not a place you just go to now and again. 

Happiness must come from within initially.  Thinking something or someone will be able to make us happy only sets us up for disappointment. I am not an individual that believes we can only find happiness by giving up worldly possessions. I have no desire to be a Buddhist monk. But if you are not happy on the inside you will never find it on the outside. There is a never-ending list of people who had the external success but lacked it in the inside.  Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger, and the list goes on and on. You must find happiness on the inside then pursuit it externally. Living in fear of not getting what you want or the fear of losing it if you get it leads to hopelessness and separation. 

We find happiness in the pursuit of living our lives with meaning and purpose. Happiness is in the progress and effort. We feel satisfaction when we get what we pursue. They are two different emotions. 

So the question, “When will I finally be happy?” is not really a good question after all. Maybe, “How can be happy right now?” is much better. The answer is simple, choose to be. Easier or hard it is your choice. Find things to inspire you, bigger than you are that will cause you to grow and become more. Focus on and recognize what you have versus what you don’t have. Spend more time with people who are happy and positive and get rid of negative people. And remember all that you need is within you, including happiness. 

 Until next month I wish you love and passion… and happiness too!!