Virtual Expierences

Level Up Club

Coaching with Joe brought to the masses. We are so excited about Level Up Club.  

Level Up Club is centered around weekly LIVE group coaching session with Joe!  

Each week’s calls will focus on: 

  • Weekly actions towards goals. 
  • Celebrations of wins.  
  • Skills. 
  • Accountability.  

All Live Sessions are recorded and available for on-demand viewing.  

But there is so much more  

  • Goal and Daily Ritual Workshop to prepare for the BEST 12 months of your life.  
  • Monthly one on one 15-minute accountability and personalized strategy coaching sessions.  
  • One-year access to our Sunrise Challenge Mediation Series. Both live and archived. $388 value.  
  • Ticket to Ultimate Breaking Through The Barrier Event. $199 value 
  • Personality Assessment. $79 Value 
  • And, ticket to our December 5, Burn It Down: Firewalk Breakthrough. $39 Value 

Total Value of LEVEL UP CLUB – $6,239

All for 12 monthly installments of only $97 

NLP Level One Certification

Coming May 27, 2021

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a life-changing toolset that is a necessity for any coach or individual who is desiring the skills for rapid and lasting change in your own life.   

NLP Level One is a 5-week course. All sessions are live and recorded for on-demand viewing.  

The Enlightened Soul

Coming February 13, 2021

Enlighten Soul: Masculine and Feminine Energy In Life, Relationship, and Sex is the essential course to understand and use masculine and feminine energy for your life and relationship. And yes, how to have better, and more incredible sex. 😊   

Enlighten Soul: Masculine and Feminine Energy In Life, Relationship, and Sex is a one-day LIVE virtual event and is recorded for on-demand viewing. 

Level One Hypnosis

Coming September 9, 2021

Learn how for your clients or yourself to use trancework to make change occur easier and faster.   

Hypnosis Level One Certification is a 6-week course. All sessions are live and recorded for on-demand viewing. 

Sunrise Challenge: Financial Abundance Manifest

Coming 2021

An 11-day meditation to shift your mindset and behaviors to create and attract financial abundance.

Sunrise Challenge: Level Up Challenge

Coming 2021