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Rise Up and Level Up For

The Sunrise Challenge


Get your heart, mind, and body aligned for your most extraordinary day with The Sunrise Challenge. 

We have all heard the terminology “Level Up.” It means to go to the next level of life.  

Now, imagine through guided journey mediation, you can tap into the power of your subconscious mind to literally rewire your brain with daily intentions and meditations.

The Sunrise Challenge is a 12-day gift to give to yourself that will last a lifetime. 

Each morning at 6 am, Joe White will virtually guide you through a powerful 20-minute guided journey mediation, connect to everyone in the live session. 

Don’t worry, not a morning person or afraid of missing a day? We got you covered. Check out the amazing bonuses below. 

The Sunrise Challenge Begins October 19 and completes on October 30

Each day will build upon the day before and  at the end of the two weeks you will level up in your heart, mind, and body.

Are you ready to accept the challenge?

This is an absolute amazing opportunity to slow down and become present to you, your life, and purpose.  

Daily Intentions Include: 

Awareness of the Gift
Letting Go 
Peace & Gratitude 
Inner Guidance
Living Your Purpose
Unstoppable Self Belief 
And more...  

All classes will be live over WebinarJam. This will create connective energy with everyone and will enhance the experience with all.  


Added Bonus:

1) Each class will be recorded, and you will receive access to a private membership for the Sunrise Challenge. You will be able to listen to all or just the one you need anytime you want. 

2) You will also receive access to audio-only content to put on any device and play through your phone or tablet.  

3) Recordings will be uploaded the same day, so in case you miss a session live, you can complete it the same day.  

4) We will also upload videos to a Private Facebook Group just for members of the Sunrise Challenge: Level Up. There you will be able to interact and share with other members. 

5) Lifetime access to the video and audio recordings. 

6) Family Access. Whether you choose to have your family join you live or listen later. You can share it with them and empower your family. 

7) Anytime in the future when we hold the LIVE Sunrise Challenge: Level Up, you will be able to participate live!


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The Promise Journey

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Level Up Club

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Life And Love Summit

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NLP Level One Certification

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