Whiteboard Coaching #19

Is It Me?

The feeling that you can never get over the hump is a very common one and very often we end up asking, “Is it me?” Joe White of Get Life Coaching shares with you tools to break free and get OVER HUMP.

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Whiteboard Coaching #18

We all feel disappointed and have to deal with failure. But, disappointment and failure will either drive or sink you. Today, Master Coach Joe White of Get Life Coaching will share with you a five-step methodology to turn disappointment and failure into fuel.

Whiteboard Coaching #17


STUCK!! How To Get UNSTUCK and BREAK FREE. Being stuck, well, it SUCKS.

How do we pull ourselves out when it feels like quicksand. In this Whiteboard Coaching With Joe, Joe breaks it down and, as usual, demystifies it and delivers real-world solutions.

Whiteboard Coaching #16

Ready To Be Unstoppable?

AVERAGE SUCKS!! Joe shows you why we get caught up in the Average Trap and how to break free. Four steps for becoming laser-focused and unstoppable.

Whiteboard Coaching #15

Listening To Your Intuition.

Whiteboard Coaching #14

Three Zones of Transformation