Have you ever tried to use will power to change something in your life? Maybe it is change your body, your relationship or your finances. Very often will power falls short.

We can do it for a while, but eventually we break down. We stop getting up at five o’clock in the morning to go to the gym. We stop following that planner we bought that was going to change everything.

Sometimes, will power works in one area, one time. Isn’t it hard to duplicate or to replicate?

Joe White is going to show you why it fails, but more importantly, how to circumvent will power and get what you want.

He will go over three basic pre-suppositions. This is the foundation of everything Joe teaches, whether it is with his one-on-one coaching or seminars.

3 Basic Pre-suppositons:

  1. Everything in life is a pattern
  2. All patterns are learned (the forces that causes us to learn patterns – pain and pleasure)
  3. Every pattern meets a set of emotional needs (a set of 6 )
Events and triggers are benign until we give it meaning –  we tend to recycle the same ones over and over.

We have stories that we embellish and eventually believe to be true and give it a real meaning that leads to our emotional state. This feeling is going to trigger an action, whether it is positive or negative is up to you. If you go with the negative emotional state, your results are going to be negative.

If we repetitively repeat a negative pattern, we set a pattern that sends us down a negative path that leads to depression, sense of failure and identifying with negativity.

Changing the meaning of the story will lead you to have the will power to create a more positive emotional state leading to a more upbeat and can-do attitude.

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